Priest Spell Rotations(updated for 5.4)

This is a listing of the best rotations for Priests to use for healing or DPS. Rotations for Priests are different depending on what Priest specialization you are focused on. A lot has changed with Mists of Pandaria so take some time to get comfortable playing your priest before you hop into raids.

Discipline Healing Spell Rotation:

Tank Healing:

When healing the tank or a single target, you should use these two spells on cooldown, as they are excellent in terms of mana efficiency:
Penance - Use on cooldown unless tank is taking heavy damage, if they are use greater heal instead.
Power Word: Shield - Use on cooldown
Normal damage phases:
Prayer of Mending - When available.
Renew when the other spells are on cooldown

In higher damage phases use Greater Heal and Prayer of Mending.

If a player needs to be healed fast use Flash Heal and Binding Heal.
Raid healing:
For normal healing use Prayer of Mending to build up stacks of Divine Aegis. Use Power Word: Shield when needed on players.

For higher damage periods use Prayer of Healing on players.


Atunement Healing: As a priest you also have another way of healing players while doing damage. Atonement and Evangelism make it so when you do damage with Smite, Holy Fire, or Penace you heal a low health friendly player that are within 15 yards of the target you are damaging. When you do damage with these spells you also get a stack of Evangelism that can stack up to 5 times. These stacks increase your damage and reduce mana cost of these damage spells. Casting Archangel consumes your stacks but increases your healing up to 25% for 18 seconds.


Other spells to use:
Inner Focus - Cast this every chance you get.
Spirit Shell - Use this spell to build up shields before an incoming damage phase.
Pain suppression - Can be cast on anyone that is about to be hit with a lot of damage.
Power Word: Barrier - Use this spell to reduce AOE damage to a targeted area.
Void Shift - Can be very handy to use to save the tank if they are getting low on health or another party member that is about to die.


Holy Healing Spell Rotation:

Holy Priests are typically raid healers and do a good job in this role. Holy priest do great with AOE heals and keeping people topped off but are not that good at single target healing.


Things to know when playing a holy priest:

You should always be in Chakra: Sanctuary when raid healing. This chakra gives a bonus to your AEO healing so you should always be in this mode, the only time you use the Chakra: Serenity is if you are single target healing.

When there is not much damage going on just use your Heal and Renew spells.
When damage is low to moderate use your Prayer of Mending and CoH(Circle of Healing) spells.

Durring periods of high damage you are going to want to use Holy Word: Sanctuary, CoH on cooldown, Prayer of Mending, Greater Heal and put out your Lightwell.

Don't forget you do have spells you can use to save people that are about to die so don't be afraid to use:
Flash Heal
Binding Heal

Guardian Spirit
Void Shift - Remember 6 minute cooldown so save this for when it is needed.

Mana- Keep your mana at a good level, don't forget you have Hymn of Hope, Mana Fiend or Mindbender you can cast as well as taking a potion when needed.


Shadow Priest DPS Rotation:

Single Target Rotation:

Shadow Word: Pain - Keep this on the mob.
Vampiric Touch - Keep this on the mob.
Devouring Plague - When there is 3 Shadow Orbs on the mob.
Mind Blast - Use this to generate shadow orbs, cast this whenever it is not on cooldown.
Shadow Word: Death - When targets have lower than 20% health.
Mind Flay - When you can't do any of the above.

If more than one target you try to keep shadow word pain on targets and then continue with the single target priority rotation if possible.

If you are dealing with more than 5 targets then you will want to Mind Sear someone that is by the group of mobs, usually a tank or off tank.


Rotation for groups of 5 or more:
Flamestrike – When off of cooldown
Frost Bomb
Arcane Explosion – Spam if you cannot do anything else.