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SWTOR Builds

Priest Builds for 4.3 is a site that lists different talent builds and information for priests of World of Warcraft. Many of these priest builds come from forums, elitistjerks,, email contributors, wowwiki, myself, etc. I hope you find the following priest builds and information useful.

Finding the right priest build that has been tested and work can save you a lot of gold and save you a lot of time figuring out a priest build that works for you.


Discipline Priest Builds for 4.3


33/8/0 Archangel / Atonement Discipline Priest Build - This build uses a smite to heal mechanic that allows for mana conservation durring lower damage periods of a boss fight and Archangel for times when you need increased healing.


31/8/2 Priest Discipline Build (without Archangel/Atonement) This is the main build being used in firelands in 4.2 for healing

Disc Priest Build Without Archangel and Atonement


Holy Priest Builds for 4.3

Most priests are discipline for healing but holy does have it's place in raids and 5 mans. Holy priests are good at both AoE and single target healing.


6/32/3 5 Man Holy Priest Healing Build - Good 5 man healing build for firelands.


6/31/0 Basic Holy Priest Raid Build - Cookie cutter build with 4 points to be spent in Darkness, Veiled Shadows, Surge of Light, Rapid Renewal, Inner Sanctum or Desperate Prayer.


3/33/5 Holy Priest Lightwell Build - This is a good holy priest build for raids however it is not that good if people are not going to make use of your lightwell. Lightwell is a really good spell if it is used but if people are not going to use it you are better off using a different spec.


-With this build you have one primary glyph you have to select, your choices are Shield, Flash Heal, Guardian Spirit or Lightwell. Pick whatever will be of most use to you.


-For major glyphs you have 2 other open glyphs you can use, just pick whatever you think will help you most and don't be afraid to change it to something else later. For minor glyphs just pick a few you like, the bonus's are small. Most people like levitate.


6/33/2 Twin Disciplines Holy Priest Build - Good build, does not have lightwell but does have all the major talents you need for healing well.

-For major glyphs it is very similar to above you have to pick for yourself, your choices are:

Shield, Flash Heal or Guardian Spirit


Tank Healing

To heal the tank during regular damage phases just spam Heal while keeping a Renew on the tank. Use Greater Heal when tank's health gets low (do not use it if he is not low in health as it is just a waste of mana to overheal like that).


Start of rotation:

-2 flash heals(to build your Serendipity stack)

-Cast Renew and enter Chakra.

-Spam Heal

-Use SoL procs and Flash Heals to keep up Serendipity.


For times high damage phases of a fight, change to casting HW:Serenity, Greater Heal, two Flash Heals, then return to the regular damage phase healing.


Raid Healing

-keep Prayer of Mending on cooldown.
-activate and stay in Chakra: Prayer of Healing.
-use Circle of Healing on cooldown.
-use HW:Sanctuary on cooldown also if raid positioning allows for it.
-Flash heals as filler to gain a Serendipity
-Prayer of Healing as a filler is also an option.
Try to concerve mana, don't try to keep everyone at 100%.


Stat Priority:

Basic gearing strategy for Holy:
Haste to have 12.5% raid buffed


Shadow Builds for 4.3


Shadow Priest Build 4.28/0/31 + 2 - Raiding Shadow Spec for 4.2 - This is the base build you should be using if you are going to be raiding as a shadow priest. You have the choice between spell resistance, mana or raid utility for these last 2 unused points. These points should go into getting Mental Agility from 2/3 to 3/3 and getting Phsychic Horror (to use as CC on boss adds) or putting 2 points into Inner Sanctum. Using the 2 points on Inner Sanctum increases your total spell damage reduction from 15%, while in shadowform, to a 18.4% before resistances.


10/0/31 Shadow Priest PVP Build

Stat priority:
Int > Haste > Spirit to the hit cap of 17% >Crit > Mastery


When Reforging you should try to have the most haste possible and also reach your hit cap (17%).